Friday, January 16, 2015

White Serenity

I am in love with all shades of white, including pale greys. Combined with silver is a timeless and peaceful environment.
They are a sigh for the soul.

I wish for you all, the Serenity of White and a Sparkle of Silver, in all things for all time.


  1. Whites and pale greys are my serenity too. Our home feels much lighter and so peaceful with our kitchen, hallway and laundry. Cabinets painted nordic grey. It is so light like bleached driftwood.

    Enjoy your Winter white days Lady xxo

    1. Hi Kerrie
      Yes I love those pale grey colors too. I painted a few pieces in here two shades of pale grey and with the white is so subtle and so perfect! I adore it. It just doesn't show up in camera so I haven't taken pictures....but I am loving it, thank you, it is as ever hot and humid here, but ''winter'' it is.....and you enjoy yours.

  2. These are such lovely peeks into your beautiful home Lady. Even though I love color, whites seem to bring a serenity into my life that I really need. I'm sure you know just what I mean!

    1. Hi June,
      I love color too, but here in South Florida with our heat and constant 90% humidity and 80 degree temps, I need the light and cool of white, otherwise, I'd do colorful Bohemian for sure too, but I get my color from nature and this is a really nice compliment, that flowers can give that much color that is just good enough. I dream of having another Baliness/Indian style home again, one day.

  3. I feel like white takes away stress--beautiful photos--I felt relaxed just looking at them!

    1. Hi Sandy! long time no's your furniture painting business going? :D
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, lovely to hear from you.

  4. Blissfully beautiful..... :)

  5. "I wish for you all, the Serenity of White and a Sparkle of Silver, in all things for all time."

    and all I would add, is "illuminated by candle light..."


  6. Hi Lady I thought I would come by and see how you are. Sissie told me that you purchased the beautiful JDL tunic dress after seeing it on my blog. You will love it so much because it is made of 100% cotton so it breathes and feels nice on the skin. I know you are sensitive like me. I came to this blog because I am unable to visit your green one. After having a concusion 3 yrs ago I am very sensitive to colors, lights, patterns. So I am sorry I cannot visit but am thankful I can still find you here. Maybe you will share your JDL clothing here when you get it. I hope so. Peace to you xo Kerrie

  7. Hi Doll
    Beautiful photos and blog!! thank you so much for visiting and lovely comments.
    xoxoxo love all shabby girls.
    Have A nice day


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