Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crystals and Candelabras

The sparkle of crystal cannot be overrated. And crystal candelabras are things of beauty, timeless and elegant, always.

Every day at a certain time of sundown, the light comes in straight through the window and lights up everything but first it hits the candelabra I have in the window. It always strikes me as sublime.

Anything made with crystals are wonderful. This is my Winter Wonderland Portal

Here I have strands of crystals hanging on the tulle in my bedroom window, and the light hits them and makes......

 these rainbow prisms.....all over the walls, and the wind blows the curtains and these little rainbows dance their light.

 One can add them to many things to achieve sparkle and moving light.

Crystal Chandeliers can be enhanced with flowers or icicles for more effects.

But I think every woman needs sparkly things around her.


  1. So peaceful. Such beauty here. So thankful for this hidden oasis of white you have created. xxo

  2. Oh happy sigh.......

    And delightful ideas.....

    Crystals and tulle, on a window, for instance.

    -sigh- I don't have a single chandelier. -sigh- And hardly any crystal, to catch the light.

    Nothing like the present, to rectify this sad condition. Thank you.

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  3. Sublime is the perfect descriptive word for your wonderful crystals. I love them too. Your winter wonderland portal is heavenly, and your sweet bed is so pretty with the pink pillows and soft linens and the crystals making little lights on the walls...


  4. Dearest Enchantress...this is all so beautifully "otherwordly"! :)))
    But the magic is that it can be created in our own world here...and I thank you for your inspiration! I'm so glad you're posting here again...magical, magical dreamland...
    Blessings, dear one...
    - Irina

  5. Hi Serena....I am finally getting around to everyone...Love this blog...I am in love with the winter portal mobile...You have inspired me to make one...I have all kinds of the crystal snowflakes so now I know what to do with them....The terrarium was so much fun to make & Amazon has some amazing plants to build them with....I am getting another asparagus fairy is gorgeous up close... I highly recommend is wonderful to see that greenery this time of year...Hope all is well in Fla...HUGS Linda :)


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