Saturday, December 26, 2015

White December Garden Roses

I've been too long away from this sacred White Space, but it is still my love, the whites, the greys, all the shades of numinous light in my world.

One of my passions is for roses which is quite a trick to do in sub tropics. But I persist with a loving determination.

This month my two white bushes produced a lovely spree of white spray fragrant roses. I took quite a few pictures of what I picked and put into a vase, and played with where I wanted to keep them. Basically I wanted to walk around with this beauty in every room, but I did settle upon my bedroom.

I so much prefer the soft stems of garden roses to market ones, whose necks bend with the weight of the blooms and who still have buds attached to them so the life of the arrangement lasts longer.

I share the roses whose white innocence you can see but the fragrance, alas, is a gift for me alone.

On my little wooden board as I first brought them inside, gently lit by beeswax candles.

I may not post often here, and I intend to revive this blog as this is still my White Bohemian Beauty life style, where I am Bohemian in style, but white in all its shades.