Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter White XMas, Ethereal and Natural

I want more of a seasonal change, more of Winter than a "holiday" and my decor reflects this.....a need of purity, brightness, coolness and Nature's Beauty bathed in the glow of candles. I wanted to use only  that which reflects a Season of Pristine, Quiet and Silence. Its a different kind of Xmas this year, I am celebrating  Spirit with my own chosen palette of Soulful Winter Whites in all Her shades.....of course with flowers, including baby's breath, pine cones, amaryllis and paperwhites and branches.

showing the pink that is the sweet color of the house now.


In my room I added greenery from outside, plumosa fern is growing wild. In a vase lasts for months. I love its whispery feathery leaves, and tiny white flowers.......its wild spirals growing in long draping vines.
The paperwhites are inching up every day.



paperwhites in silver bowl held with rose quartz crystals.....these bulbs are surrounded by pink love!


I saw a tiny 'cashmere tree' in the store for $5 and couldn't get it out of my mind. I don't like fake trees, but I kept seeing it in my room. It insisted it be bought and touched up with magic! So the next day I gave in, and the first thing I did when I got home was spread its squished branches. Then sprayed it with 'snow'.....ahhhh, finally it looks happy all dressed up in white! I added it to a tureen and it was instant elegance in all simplicity but I didn't stop there. I added a blue/grey organza ribbon with silver beads, baby's breath my passion of this season :D, and a few small white glittered pine cones. It is really very pretty!


I did not want to use ornaments, except for clear iridescent glass ones, but I had such beautiful colors in boxes. I also didn't want to do any more decor but these were perfect tones plus I had a large empty cloche, and I've seen these ornament cloche filled images all over blog-land, so I did it including some snowflakes which I am also very much loving lately....and I do like it alot, it sparkles! I cannot believe how many boxes of ornaments went into this one place.

 The first one to get baby's breath was the Crystal Lady in the kitchen.....
 at night, dimmer switch on low......


then she got some icicles. Beautiful!

 The porch chandelier was white but discontent. I added beaded garland and glittered pine cones and she is very happy now! Some chandeliers just don't like to be ''au naturale"....they demand some dress up.


 steaming mug of Vanilla Cream Masala Chai.....a must have for the season, or any day in my world :-)

The Garden Gate with a simple white wreath, beaded garland wrapped around it and gold bow.....
guarded by two stalwart Angels.

"The Keys to the Kingdom are Held 
By the Gardeners of the World"

......they have told me, and so it is.


I had a few apothecary jars that were empty. I gathered the things I would use this season, which were very few, no ornaments as I only wanted things from Nature like tree branches and white flowers.
However, this "pristine plan" was um....changed? shall we say? which now included some {awful fake} ''snow'' I was [ 'forced' to buy] told we ''needed'' lollol by a certain friend of mine who [insisted] kindly told me I also needed to do something with my fireplace like put some real logs and 'snow' during her visit .....and while we're at it.....she also [made me] { :D } asked me to make the rooms dark as the sun was so offensive to her since it did not evoke the log cabin vibe she was wanting at the time, so down went the shades, the doors to the rooms closed, and the shades in the kitchen went down, she pointed an unhappy finger at the unlit candle...what on Earth was I NOT thinking? lol so I lit it.....the air conditioning went on high and!!!...."and what else can I do for you little sister? is it right yet?" No....she glanced around and the little window on the back door was too bright too and she waved her hand disapprovingly, so I hung a crochet curtain on it which she thought was Angelic, and then!!.....all was right in the world for her and she, contented, sat down for a steaming mug of Chai! I adore her. I indulged every [order] suggestion with glee. She happened to be right again, it made for a very cozy ambiance! I didn't realize it myself, but I too was very much wanting a cooler feeling outside and a cozier one inside.
Christmas music went on and I keep humming "What Child is This" a beautiful tune.

I collected the empty jars, and conveniently had that ''snow'' to add, then slowly things formed. I wanted the bottle brush trees because they really do look like a little forest. I added the Santa and lamppost as those belong to the housemate and they worked well for a tiny bit of traditional color. I wanted my white village too and candles. I am done.
I wanted a wintery feel more than anything else. We are still having to use air conditioning here and it makes me too sad. Inside I can forget how humid it is outdoors.

I had this lovely little silver round dish and a plain cloche and I thought it may fit, and it did, but what to put in it? I do not like overthinking these things, and I glanced around and in the basket were the giant pine cones I use every year, I put one in, and it was magic for me. The sparkles I love, but the Regal Pine Cone has a beautiful place of really is the year of the Pine Cone for me this year, they are everywhere in my house....even above my bed....hangs a single one on a ribbon.

I added snowflakes to the mirror

more pine cones. I made these last year. I love them all year round.

 I covered the lampshade with tulle to soften the light and topped it with my Arwen Crown.. I love it.

 Plumosa Fern dresses up the mundane with ethereal whispers of feathery vine.

Thanks for visiting me. May your Christmas be Soulful, Merry and Bright !


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  1. Dear anam cara, this is amazing... the way you create a truly magical feeling with such simple and natural things just leaves me breathless!!! (though I should be used to it at this point :D) All the house looks so soft and cozy and ETHEREAL that I can only want to be there too!!! Loved the Plumosa Fern all around -it´s a very favorite of my mother too, she used to make beautiful bouquets with red roses and Plumosa Fern to decorate my birthday cakes when I was a little girl... And the baby´s breath on the chandelier was a really inspired touch!!!
    I´m using some pine cones too in my "Simple White Christmas" decor (which may not look like a magazine pic, but at least is REAL, authentic, not only staged for Bloggywood :D) and also recycling some old things I found stored in the garage to start my own snowy village -well, to be honest it has only ONE house and ONE tree for now, but it will grow through the years, I´m sure!
    Thanks for showing this today, you certainly made me smile despite of any hidden sadness... It´s very heartwarming to be able to count on you anytime.

  2. I was hoping I could get a smile out of you. I understand how you feel.
    Sooo nice that your mother use to decorate your cakes with bouquets!! of red roses and plumosa gorgeous that must have been!
    I hope you take pictures too, I want to see what you're doing over there so far away.
    warmest hugs

  3. I have to say I love how you decorated your home. It is so magical and inspirational.

    1. well I'm glad you did. I do need a "magical" ambiance to live in. I cannot imagine otherwise.

  4. Replies
    1. ''beautiful'' and ''soothing'', those two words are perfection together are they not? :-)

  5. You have a lovely winter wonderland! From your front door wreath and all through your pretty home you are ready to celebrate and then on to winter. The paper whites in the silver bowl is a precious example of a treasure. The crystal chandelier really sparkles and shines but my favorite is your $5 tree and it's transformation. Have a Happy Holiday!


  6. Adoring you decor...magical and merry!
    Happy Christmas,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

    1. Thank you Linda. I must find out what beautiful ideas you have! :D

  7. I just found your blog while visiting Kerrie of Sea Cottage. It's so pretty here! I love love your chandelier with the baby's breath. It looks like something out of a fairy tale... Everything about your homelooks enchanting ...


    1. Cindy. I seem to have lost your comment in my email but will respond here....I thank you for your comments. Kerrie's blog is a whisper of a magical place! is it not!? I have been to your blog many times....we love fairy tales and enchantment, of the right kind :D

  8. Your home is truly a place of wonder and beauty! You have created the loveliest winter wonderland - oh so cozy and welcoming. Happy Holidays!

    1. well thank you so much for saying so. I am trying to stay cool. :-)

  9. You have made an enchanted white Christmas! All so beautiful! The fern and the baby's breath are dreamy, and of course I always love fairy lights. So glad you are enjoying the season! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline. I'm watching my paperwhites every day, One opened last night :D, can't wait for all the others. I found 2 amaryllis also, Apple Blossom which is a pink with white...couldn't be more perfect. I am enjoying the season and I see you are too! :-)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. You have everything looking so beautiful~ I love all the white with some touches of nature. It is hard for me to imagine trying to stay cool when it has been cold here with lots of snow.

    Thank you for your visit a few days ago and I posted the recipe for the pecan butter balls for you on my blog a few minutes ago ~ Ihope you enjoy them!

    Christmas Blessings,

    1. oh thank you! How nice is that!....good to know what they are. I will try to make them soon. I have to get over the Lemon Snowball cookies I just made :D....give myself some time.
      Yes, in South Florida it is very hard to find a cool day and when you do, it is very hard to let it go....yes, one maybe two.
      blessings, lady

  12. Beautiful and serene, I love it all!

  13. Wowness..such enchanting decor and creative magic it all..adore that pinecone beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous post..a sparkling feast for the eyes and the spirit of xmas!

    1. "wowness" lol....never heard that one before but I love it, can I use it?
      thank you so much. I am crazed by all things wintery white and sparkly crystals. I am about to remake my Winter Wonderland Portal ''device'' :D:D:D with fresh crystal sparklies and iridescence which continue to fascinate me no end!
      blessings, lady

  14. I wanted to start out with I love the pine cone in the cloche, as I have some but don't like just placing them in a basket. but WOW , I love it all. And your new little tree is so beautiful. So glad you went with those inner feelings and purchased it. Love the big vase/tureen you placed it in. This is the first year I have not decorated my chandelier, and now I miss it!!! I am a new follower and want to thank you for sharing your lovely creativity .

    1. oh I thank YOU for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad you see something to inspire you, that is the whole point of sharing is it not? :D As for your own chandelier, it will be so simple as adding pine cones or babys breath :D or just greens....or beaded garland
      blessings, lady

  15. Magical, beautiful, enchanting winter wonderland...a fairy have done it, dear Lady!!!
    I wish I could send you some of our snow..hee....we have tons! But really, you create such magic....I am so inspired by you....
    GORGEOUS! Enjoy, dear one....and have a joyful, relaxing Christmas!
    Love and hugs, and many blessings....
    - Irina

    1. oh you are too kind. Imagine if I had resources to play with and lots of money, I could create that "City" I mentioned to you a long time ago....would be just toooo much fun!
      I'm loving the simplicity and for some reason cannot get enough of crystals, sparklies, and that is the theme for the rest of this season for me so far....I'm sure it means something :D
      I wish you too a peaceful beautiful love filled Christmas!

  16. Oh's just all so beautiful! You truly created an incredible winter wonderland in your sweet home! You are so creative with your use of natural elements! All of the white must be such a "cooling" touch in the warmth of the Florida sun. :) Although, I really wouldn't mind having a bit of that warmth here in Michigan! lol Merry Christmas to you, sweetie - and thank you for always leaving such endearing and kind comments!

    xoxo laurie

    1. Thank you Laurie. It is cooler inside and completely different than the hot/humid tropical outside with all the cooling whites. I'm thinking with a bit of dread I need to move further north.
      But inside I had to create something more. As of yesterday from a totally unexpected find at the thrift stores! :D:D:D some SSC items, and I then I purchased Simply Shabby Chic floral prints for my bedroom, It is no longer pure white and it feels more ''pretty'', if that is the best descriptive? And a huge piece of pure white sparkly white quartz crystal which is open inside and looks like a magical pure white sparkly winter wonderland cave is making more of the magical feel I want from the elements of Nature....crystals, flowers, branches, and candles....heavenly. Have a beautiful New Years.

  17. Oh, so very beautiful! Love it all. I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,


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