Sunday, May 4, 2014

Soft White Quiet Places

I walked in to the house from the back yard gardens....gardens which are home for me, a living green extension of the protected inner world of shelter we all need from weather, creature and the din of a technocratic paradigm....
.....and the Light was a gentle visitor who graced me with Her numinosity


....Her Beauty on White......

White and more so necessary in our current world.....such a haven it offers........

Entering the White, was a vision for me, a feeling, of having arrived.


though my eyes and being can see the Light, the camera didn't quite pick it up so I increased the brightness....


 then I opened the door and closed the white sheer netting to let in more Light.....

on the floor lay my bedroom wall unit now standing in my bedroom.....amazing what comes out of boxes. : - )

the console still had Easter treats and bunnies....for the first time ever I got bunnies....


I always want to run back to this space when I leave it......always it enshrouds me with its serenity


 loving the Lady of Light....


  1. What a beautiful, magical space. All the white is so so pretty with the little twinkle lights...


  2. Wow--it looks like heaven! What a beautiful job you have done!

    1. Thank you Sandy, coming from The Queen of White :D

  3. This room is absolutely luminous. Beauty from a beautiful soul.

  4. Pure gorgeous-ness Lady! So stunning in white goodness. I love everything you have done in your home!!!

  5. Oh Lady I just found you here! It is beautiful!!! And I love the name so so much. I am your newest follower. xxo


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