Wednesday, June 12, 2013

White Bohemian Serenity

A day in the Life of a Bohemian White Beauty............

love peonies!

A casual table set for Mother's Lunch.....
Buttercup Spring Floral Tablecloth and napkins with White Baroque Lace Plates......

 White Daisy's and Tulle.......

 Bathroom towel rack gets flowers too.......

Bathroom sink, daisies and white plumbago.......

lunch being served.......first the rice..............

Candles with Fairy Lights always the preferred lighting............
Angels who have nothing to do read books about human life....... 

Quan Yin, Mother of Compassion presides and is flanked by white candles...........

Adorable Fairies who love nothing more than to show off Gilttery Wings...........

After lunch, these Rachel Ashwell pillows beckon very loudly lolol...gotta have Shabby!!

love the embossing.....

another place of old white comfort........

Tulle and cotton skirting......


can't get enough of this simple beauty........

The Lemurian Priestess

White Lace Baroque dishes on the rack......

 Lace dishes in dish rack.......


 In Cloche, a variety of Italian Pastries and cookies for dessert accompanied by Marie Antoinette LOLOL........

 Rainbow Marzipan cookies, Vanilla Versailles Cookies, Petit Fours, and Napoleans.


Pink is allowed in an All White World........especially hydrangeas!

 Tiny bouquet for kitchen sink....daisies and 2 toned pink verbena..........

tiny white flowers in urn...........

White Mussaenda ,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you for visiting my White Bohemian World.....alot of whites and silvers, some pinks, some Bohemian, and splashes of  Shabby Chic.

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  1. Oh Joy!!! Your post is simply beautiful.

    Candles with Fairy Lights! Oh so perfect!

    Pink allowed with White. Purrrrrrfect. Love Pink.


  2. Everything looks just magical and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics. :)


  4. BEEEAUTIFUL!!!!!! :))) Everything!!
    You make magic....

    And do I spot an April Cornell table cloth? Looks like it may be...I used to work in one of her dreamy shops...oh was that ever fun...
    Blessings, dear Lady!

    1. hi, and yes it is an "April Cornell" and I didn't know she had a line or who she was or anything until you just gave the name and I looked it up and recognized the label of the wrapping! lol....I adored everyone of those packages when I saw them in Home Goods and couldn't choose but I chose the lighest shaded one, this one seemed so cheery and yet so it! I went to her site and oh boy! I love them all!!
      Thanks for your kind comments again.
      warmest hugs

  5. Everything looks so beautiful and charming! I adore all of your flowers!

  6. I have no words for that magic sanctuary of yours... just simply WANNA LIVE THERE!!! And I have to say also that all those exquisite details reminded me of my own little collection of vintage linens and antique tableware, which are still in cardboard boxes waiting for me to rediscover their simple and ethereal charm... so as soon as I get better I´ll go and rescue them (these days I´m suffering a severe attack of "withdrawal syndrome" due to no having any thrift stores, flea markets, auctions or garage sales here in this town... so maybe it would be a good idea to go thrifting in my own garage!)
    As always, thanks for sharing so much beauty... and for BEING YOU.

    1. I'm so glad you continue to find pleasure from my blogs Lol....such a simple pleasure for me to share the beauty I see and then others feel it too,,,,how amazing is that!
      Well you are welcome to visit, but that may take a while I know, as you are so far, but you have your own beauty to create there on your new property and that should give your plenty of beauty too, especially in your own palettes of blues, lavenders etc which are so very soothing. You will do a beautiful job I know it and even surpass everyone else too and make it your own prefect sanctuary. That place needs you. And yes I think you do need some serious "shopping" in your own boxes LOL....seriouslY! you should go through all of them and pull out some joys for today and let them loose! I am always amazed when I do this, how I find things and one things leads to another unexpected thing and before the day is done I have some new beauty and joy in my life! Yes, doctors orders.....go shopping in your garage today....hang a beautiful scarf or fabric in that garage and light a simple candle first before you begin....maybe even bring in a single bloom or even leaf from any plant in a vase....and shop away!
      warmest hugs

  7. Simply gorgeous and enchanting - beautiful flowers. I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  9. Had to stop in here too.....this is really special Serena. You have done such a beautiful job with all your whites.



    1. Thank you Jo. It really still feels so good, every day unlike anything I've had before, the seamless easy way my eyes can just be soft on what is before me....I needed the whites....the sun here is so strong and all the color is out there, and when I walk in I find this soothing softness my soul needs so much. I high recommend it.

  10. Your home is so cozy and inviting. I could see myself cuddled up on the sofa sipping tea and talking all afternoon.

    blessings & bliss

  11. Do you appreciate how lucky you are, to be able to surround yourself, with all this white beauty? :-) Not all of us can. I'm so happy for you, though.

    And thank you for giving me a place to visit, and enjoy your white beauty.


    1. :D, yes I do appreciate how ''lucky" I am, even though I feel ''luck" has nothing to do with it, as I worked for this and hard too.....I have always needed to live surrounded by beauty, I don't do well without it. I think one can create beauty in almost any environment, just some flowers, or even cut branches, greens or even grass in a vase, some lovely fabrics, in any layout, soft music and nice scents, light....and good vibes.


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