Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Bohemian White Beauty

Catlaya Orchid finally blooms again.....the scent is magical !

 A very sunny beautiful Florida day. The arbor with crazy lime green sweet potatoe vine all over it! Love it!
Can you see the pond in the back? soon lotus will bloom again, water lilies too and I need some gold fish.

Coming in from the bright sun out back...........white bohemian beauty....

A breeze blows the netting, my dress form waits for my next inspiration, but greets guests in the mean time !


Lace and linen on the porch window for privacy...........

 Some tiny garden flowers and roses on the way out, but still lovely.....

A good wish for the day......

A prism makes rainbows on the walls every day.....      agate shell chimes make magical tinkling sounds with the breezes.....

A view from the middle room to the living room.....through crochet and tulle.......

Tulle........dreamy soft tulle..........

my dreamy skirt...........waiting for a nice tea.......

My room is still very cozy and I still love it :D, during the day lavender light comes through lace.......

and my shabby chic bedding and pillows.....oh soooo worth it! every night I feel like a Princess.

Night lite...............sooo nice to read by...........

 nighty night.........

 Thank you.


  1. Your weather looks so beautiful! As we are having rain, hail and wind storms I am quite jealous :). Your house just keeps getting more and more beautiful. I love all the hanging sheer laces and fabrics--really is a peaceful, lovely look.

  2. Dreamy, magical and peaceful---Must be like living on a cloud with lovely feminine touches everywhere--

  3. Your Neutral Boheme' Palette is Lovely.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Oh dear...I have this gorgeous place on my blog roll, but I keep forgetting that it's yours!! Otherwise I would be popping in more often...hee...
    What inspirational splendor...a breath of fresh air!
    Sweet blessings and sweet dreams, dear friend...
    - Irina :)

    1. oh Irina! you are proving to be a light in my life these days! usually no one does this for me but I have things in my home, in my hands that are of BEAUTY and from YOU and I'm about to enjoy some room temperature butter LOLOL with some gorgeous rose preserves! and thanks to you!, I will put on my sparkling aqua earrings and remember how I felt when I read your post BORN OF LOVE and seeing all those images of me (we are all every woman, right?), as I literally feel like each and every one in different moments each day.
      I cannot thank you enough and I adore you!


  5. Most enchanting!!! Very sureal and sooo beautiful.Love your blog.I love white. I make alot of things in white.
    Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty.
    Till next time,
    Marie Antoinette

  6. How beautiful! Lovely space, gorgeous flower shots.

    Happy Saturday!

  7. Oh my Dear, what a beautiful and magical and peaceful world you have created for yourself. I am so happy that I found your blogs. So I may enjoy this sweetness of living.

    -happy sigh-

    Oh to live with lace and net and tulle and white, white, white. Lucky you.


    1. Thank you Auntie for your comments and for visiting my blogs :D:D:D
      I am happy that you found something you like.
      blessings, lady

  8. Oh my gosh, sweet Lady! Your home is just amazing! LOVE all of the boho touches here and there - and your back yard is so beautiful!!!! Wow!!!! Love it all, girlie!!!!

    xoxo laurie


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