Friday, March 15, 2013

Scent of White Beauty

I have only a little bit of something to share, but it says more than I can.

No matter what one experiences, to see the beauty in flowers tells me I am still very much alive.

But here are some exquisite expressions of the Beauty of Mother Nature in all her White Glory that I have kept in my home since last month.


Every morning I light 3 tea lights, one on each side of the Lilies, and one for the coffee table behind. Incense stick to accompany the flame for the Spirit of Humanity.


 In my room......the walls still enchantingly Silver Pearl.........the scent permeates.......and I am reminded of Gardens from Heaven......


My console table greets you with white, silver, the glow of candle, and the Pure White of Lily, and its scent !?......... siggghhhhhhhhh..........the very Heart of the Mother.....

 Walk in Beauty


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  1. I so love visiting you in this second Divine space of yours...
    So beautiful...
    Take care, dear friend...
    Many hugs from snowy (and very white...heee) Minnesota,
    - Irina


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