Monday, December 31, 2012

White Wonderland Portal

Hello Everyone,

I am wishing for everyone on the planet, deep peace, much beauty and lots of love.

Today I made something to keep my mind off of events of late,

But again,

breathe....breathe again........

I seem to be craving a cooler place, a whiter place, a sparkling place, and its not here in South Florida.

I want a bit of this........

 and a tiny bit, for a short time.....of this......


but alas.......


I had to find something to do and I saw something online as I was browsing for chandeliers because I need a tiny one for my bedroom, and I found something so enchanting,

and since I had a hangy thingy I didn't know what I was going to do with, but I knew something, well, this picture became my inspiration for what to do and I had everything, so no cost, and those are the best!
The advice said to just add some pearly Christmas garland and some snowflakes and ornaments and add them to your chandelier and that's it! I can do that! even without a chandelier because I had a silver hangy thingy I picked up from the thrift for $2  that I just KNEW would come in very handy soon  :D

So I made one.

It's not a light, not a candle holder, has no purpose really but it looks like it can be a portal device to a Wintery Magical Land like this.........

or this.........

it could couldn't it ???

So I thought making this device was in good strong order!

This thingy was rusted a bit and had some cheapy plastic crystals that I removed, then I spray painted it....

Then I went through all my Christmas things and took out the clear and sparkly pretties and it looked so beautiful all together!.....I haven't used these things for years.

And this crystal tassel I just got from Michaels as the star of this little show.....

some details of the things I had, acrylic prisms in a jar.......I had to make hooks for all of these.....

beautiful iridescent glass snowflake and an iridescent heavy crystal prism....a few of those...

years ago I bought these wired pearl garlands for a couple dollars each....I never used them....
and some old loonngg white pearl strand garland for trees I haven't used since I don't do Victorian Trees anymore :D

glass irridescent icicles which I love!......can't find them anymore.....

Then I slowly began to put it together, and I got this......eventually.

No sun but it still looks purdy :D

The sun came out and I just knew this would look more beautiful and it sparkled alot!

white and sparkly.......

I think its purdy, :D:D:D and its a source of smiles when I see it and it will remind me of Winter somewhere, not here, and a Wonderland, I'm trying to create here....and sparkly light reflecting magical things.

I'm leaving it outside.

I think I love these kinds of things because they remind of me the sparkly light of the Inner Spirit and the stars in the cosmos......cannot get enough of the sparkle!

You can make one too.....what do you have lying around that you can use in a different way??

Magical blessings for a Sparkly New Year!

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  1. Can't get over how beautiful your chandelier is--glad you posted it on this blog too :)

    1. lol, glad you can't get over it, then it means it must be beautiful to the eyes of one of The Grand Dames of the White Living Blogging World! So easy to make, let me know when you make yours.

  2. your new blog is stunning, all of it. thank you for it.
    may magic pour endlessly in your life in this new year.
    hugs + kisses

    1. hello my dearest Kaisa, thanks for visiting here, I hope magica pours endlessly into your life too and all the new years. hugs, S

  3. What a beautiful piece you created, and great inspiration. I completely understand about the horrific act you mentioned. I feel sick to my stomach when I hear such news.

    1. Thank you. I sooo appreciate you saying so because it is so difficult to present such information in a space that is usually devoted to beauty and so many use beauty as an escape from what is happening, and I dont like to feel paranoid about saying things that are happening with me if they are not pleasant, you know? Im glad you commented your understanding, much needed!

  4. What a gorgeous creation!
    Come on up to Montreal if you're looking for a winter wonderland - and I'll take your crystal beauty in exchange thank very much!
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time
    Happy new year!

    1. That's not much to ask in return for such a! LOL
      I only can take the cold for just a few minutes though...unfortunately my blood is now tropical after being here so long....but I'm craving those snowy dreams. I will visit you soon too, thank you for visiting.

  5. Beautiful! Having a special place for white is good therapy! I love how your project came out!

    1. Yes, that's a great way of putting it! a special place just for white is like therapy. Thanks for visiting, I love the crystal "chandelier" too....also having alot of fun taking pictures of this and I'm usually not interested in taking pics....but alot of this one, it sparkles and gives off prisms when it moves with the sun on it, truly an enchanting device! makes me smile and think of magic and so its effect is as a Portal into enchantement. :D:D:D

  6. Hi, visiting from Shabby Creek Cottage. That is the most awesome decorated "chandy" I have seen! Sweet! I want an entire tree done like that in 2013 -- what an inspiration. Thank you! It is just so beautiful. I am totally enamoured of pearls, BTW.

  7. Gorgeous!! What a beautiful chandy you created. I am in central Florida and today we went to clearwater and walked on the beach. Lots of people enjoying the sun and even a few in the ocean. I love to see pictures of snow but I can't tolerate the cold. Thanks for joining the Open House party and I am now a follower. xx, Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry, I'm in Florida too, south, between Miami and Ft Lauderdale. My family used to live in Clearwater, they loved it. I too love very much to see pics of the snow and cold and frost, but I too cannot tolerate it not for more than a few minutes unfortunately, I have tropical blood now. I feel like I'm dying in the cold, but people don't quite understand it....not good for us tropicals. Thanks for following!

  8. What a beautiful Chandelier. It looks like a perfect winter wonderland in your garden. Such a magical place to escape to. Thank you so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Happy New Year!


  9. So pretty! Now I know what to do with that Hangy down thingy I bought that the
    glass bowl had broken on! I thought of a bird feeder and possibly a candelabra with candle
    jars wired on and hangind down at different heights, and I have used it outside at a campfire hanging from a tall garden hook, with a tray filled with candles...but this is a great alternative...reading along in your thread I kept thinking...I have that, I have that, too!, Woa! I have THAT TOO!!!
    Great idea and inspiration! It IS wintery here, and I still want pretty wintery things up!
    Hearts to you!

    1. Let me know if you make it and take pics, I'd love to see it! :D

  10. How magical, dear Lady!!! A WOW!!!
    So creative...
    I just love it.
    Sending you some frosty sparkly fairy dust! :)
    It will be 4 below here on Sunday, can you stand it??
    We need a little topical breeze here! :)
    Enjoy this splendid creation of beauty!
    - Irina

    1. In a perfect world, neither one of us would be craving a bit of the other....we desperately need some cool weather, it is far too short when we go into the 60'2...mostly its in the 80's, even in winter. Wish I could send you some tropicals and you could send me some cool!
      I do continue to enjoy my wonderland strikes me as magical every time I see it out in garden.

  11. 6/24, '13


    Such inspiration...



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