Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome to White Bohemian Beauty

Welcome to White Bohemia,

where my love and embracing of White in all its shades is at home with me and where I bring it to life, in a life in which I have always celebrated my unconventional ways, rejecting a robotic society and finding wisdom and sanity along the way. It suits the life of this Domestic Mystic who makes a Sanctuary out of 1100 square feet of Earthly real estate, who makes what was mundane, magical.... and what was secular, Sacred. It is the Holy Spirit within that makes it so, and is why I have called myself A Domestic Mystic, as so many of us are.

"Three Graces" by Botticelli

This is a new place, a fresh face, one that had been not lost, not destroyed, but only buried by a lifetime business of a loud outer noise called "the real world", a patriarchal one, in which I have finally fully rejected in a Spiritual Coup d'etat to create another kind of world of my own, a beautiful, pristine, white, serene sanctuary.....a proper place for my soul.....where prose becomes poetry and less is more. I'm feeling the power of this two fold gesture, the full out rejection of the vulgar and simultaneous reward of what I'm creating. I know alot of women in blogland and elsewhere have done just this, create that nourishing Home, to keep them sane in an insane world.

"Mother Mary" by Cher Lyn

I have been inspired by so many women of this world who have done just this. I have been inspired too the Grand Dames of White Living Bloggers showing that it CAN be done......a way to manifest this Heavenly White Frequency into the world I live in, make what I possess inside, visible and tangible in the outer world.....a world that has been so brutal to my gentle soul that it hid for so long and didn't want to manifest anything. I believe it is an Angelic Frequency, and I am at Home in this.

And thus, finally I have found a better way to silence the noise of the outside, and create something that did not exist before......where now silence is sweet and soothing instead of uncomfortable. This Sacred Silence comes in the form of quiet for the eyes, and peace for the ears, while the senses within this silence are then invited to become heightened, more sensitized to take in the voluptuous beauty of the Spiritual World. The unfolding continues to be profound.

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Here in this blog I will be expressing what is happening in my now Whitened Life, and whatever I find to be beautiful, spiritual, some occasional rants, and more.
And  maybe hopefully inspire those still quiet and gentle souls who have hitherto been in hiding, to come out, come out of hiding, because the piece of land you walk upon desperately needs you, your gentle soul, your White Spirit to manifest itself where it lives now.


I welcome both myself and all of you to a fresh White, and expansively imaginative world.....where the Spirit is Innocent, Wild and Free.

Please join me and invite your White Loving friends to come and visit and play with me in this venture that is  this Love of White.

White Buffalo Calf Woman by Cher Lyn

My name is Serena.



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  1. How beautiful! I look forward to reading more on this enchanting blog.
    I love white (and oh, the palest of pinks), but at the moment the way I truly satisfy my craving is through my clothing. Too many white frothy skirts hang in my wardrobe to count! Family of six with a little grandbaby too, have kept me from taking the plunge. One of these days I'll be brave and paint something white. In the meantime I'll enjoy your beauty...
    Happy and Blessed New Year!

    1. Thank you Rosebud, you are the very first commenter on this blog, and I love yours too, so sweet. And I don't think there is such a thing as too many white frothy skirts is there?? not in my world.
      White is something that calls when you are ready, I was ready...I live alone, almost, and have nothing else going on but what I choose spiritual life is the most important and white is now appropriate. I love and adore color but now its best outside lol

  2. My dear friend, I´ve just discovered this new place of yours and I´m already loving it! Be sure there will be many of us, "white bohemian spirits", following with admiration your magic spaces and outfits, and taking your example to try and make our own ones... As we have agreed before, if the "real" world continues growing more and more dark and evil, the only way to preserve our souls is to create an alternative world where Love, Peace and Beauty can rule forever! Of course, you can count on me for that... I´ll be back home in a couple of days, and promise to write as soon as possible.
    All my Anam Cara love and blessings for this New Year,

    1. Well, there you are anam cara mia. I hope your 12/21 by the sea was rewarding? an email please? make it long :D:D:D
      Yes, creating a complete polar opposite one, and walking in grace as often as possible is my only recourse. I like it....Home is a new place now.
      I can't wait to hear from you....
      Forever, love peace and beauty

  3. Well you know how I feel about white ;) Love your new blog! It looks pretty and refreshing. Enjoy seeing all your posts :)

    1. Welcome Sandy! and thanks for being here. You are one of those Grand Dames mentioned.....and I am still seeking out others, in other countries who have gone all White....such beauty and magic.

  4. Lovely blog, I adore white. There is nothing to make the spirits soar like the woods covered in white snow.

  5. This sounds wonderful Serena....I did white a while back....French was I am moving towards some color...this will be fun to visit...Right now Mother Nature is covered in a mantle of white here in Maine so I am not without the pristine beauty of it...LOL Love all the photos you posted with this post...Look forward to what you will share...

    Happy New Year!!! XO

    1. Hi Linda, thank you for visiting. I'm adoring white, maybe its a phase, maybe not, only time will tell :D
      blessings to you and yours

  6. If only we had a magic crystal! there must be so many women that are feeling the need to bring more inspired beauty to themselves and their envirenment! All of these little islands of peace, creation, and safety. So many of us sensitive to all of the horrors going on, can find some solace in the process off making heaven in our home, and it will send out what is needed into this world. It's so easy to be trapped and lose hope in mankind, but we can all receive the confidence that there are more sweet souls than we will ever meet. Thank you so much for your inspiring words and lovely photos, Happy New Years!

    1. Mary Anne Komar, that is so well said and I thank you. It gave me some respite from the grief that is getting harder to get over and taking longer to get through. Thank you again! blessings, Serena

  7. YES YES YES!!!!!!!

    OK, that white horse...that is my dream animal and just to be able to TOUCH one would make my shiver with joy! I LOVE THIS NEW SPACE MY DEAR LOVE IT!Anita

    1. I have been on a fascination with horses lately and I just decided I wanted to learn to ride. It is actually something I can do here where I live, because even in this city we have horses around and people who still ride. I really want to feel the "wild" with them.....One day you will be near such a beauty as that one, I just know it. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Greetings Gentle One~ ~ ~
    I love your new "space" here amongst all the craziness. I love your white life. White seems to me to be the color of silence? I am a color girl but love the whites too. I am interested to see where you journey. Be well. It is so nice to meet you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

    1. Thank you Ahrisha, and what a beautiful name! Dare I ask what craziness you refer to? in the world? just curious. White the color of silence, yes and more, I'm still finding words for it all, slowly. I too love color very much but the white is doing something powerful beyond understanding, having an effect no other color has given.....I must follow through. Nice to meet you too, such a lovely personality I can "hear".
      blessings, lady

  9. June 24, 2013...

    Yes, I am late, coming here.

    But yes, I have come.

    Thank you, for sharing this beautiful place, with us.

    Gentle hugs,


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